You CAN Find Affordable Luxury Pet Products at The Posh Puppy Boutique


There is a world of difference between “cheap” and “affordable.” Here at the Posh Puppy Boutique we sell stylish luxury pet products, now more affordable than ever.

“Cheap” means poorly made and inexpensive products that are not worth the cost of ordering or shipping them. A “cheap” dog toy, for example, may last some chewers five minutes or less.

“Affordable” means much higher quality, made with better materials and designed to last. Take for example our 9-inch Crackle Head Ball ($11) made to withstand the biggest breeds with the most powerful jaws. Made with thick-walled, heavy-duty rubber, it has a crunchy ball inside made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s not “cheap” but it will last and entertain your dog for hours on end.

The Orbee-Tuff (R) Orbee Ball.
Another example of our new lower prices is the Small Orbee-Tuff ® Orbee Ball ($9) best suited to medium and smaller breeds. This 2.25-inch ball bounces, floats and has an irresistible peppermint scent. Best of all, it’s Made in the USA and is FDA approved.

Our Daisy Bee costume comes in several sizes. 
Our lower prices extend not just to toys, but our huge selection of pet clothing as well. For example, you can buy this adorable Daisy Bee costume for only $23. Available in sizes from extra small to extra large, every dog (yours?) will look adorable in it.

Spruce up any active dog’s collar with a sports-themed slider, now just $14 each. Choose from football, baseball and though it’s too late for the World Cup, soccer. Each handmade 2-inch red, white and blue flower has an ornament in the center. They also come in several other colors and for other sports. Just check out our Posh Puppy Originals section.

The Sweety Pinka Harness is affordable designer wear.
Even our designer duds have lower prices. Check out this Sweety Pinka Harness in Navy, now just $31, from Pinkaholic New York. Available in small, medium and large, it has a 100 percent cotton shell and lining.

If you prefer more California couture, check out this Cowgirl Chic Bed, now only $540, from Poochie of Beverly Hills. Designed for dogs up to 18 pounds, it lets your dogs or cats sleep in the “nap” of luxury.

Find these and more than 10,000 other luxury pet products in one spot: the Posh Puppy Boutique. Call us at 888-837-5230 or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest.

Now your dog can enjoy a nap of luxury.

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