Did your "Buddy" make the cut?


Every year I just anticipate the arrival of the Top Dog Breeds of the Year announced by the American Kennel Club. With 2010 approaching I thought I would give a re-cap of this years “top dogs”.

The 2009 Top Dog Breeds of the Year are:

Yorkshire Terriers
Also known as “Yorkies”, these small but spunky dogs are high energy and very loyal.

WOOO HOOO! I love those little “weiner dogs”! With long bodies and shorts legs, they tend to fool ya! They are playful, fun and sometimes grumpy with strangers!

Remember “Snoopy”? This strong little buck is sweet and gentle and loves his family.

Miniature Schnauzers
Miniature Schnauzers are smart, obedient and love to engage in non-aggressive play. They'll play well with children and or chew toys.

Labrador Retrievers
Labeled the most “popular” dog of all, the dogs are lovable, smart and friendly and perfect with kids!

The American Kennel Club says that the Boxers “play well with children, are extremely loyal and are low maintenance dogs”.

Golden Retrievers
These large dogs are extremely kind and gentle by nature and love playing with people and their toys. Make sure you have enough room for this big boy!

German Shepherds
One of the most lovable dogs around and so smart that is why they are every police force’s choice for their K-9.

Shih Tzu
They finally made the list! This adorable dog is cute and cuddly and obviously the most popular in Hollywood.

Poodles are beautiful, loyal and extremely intelligent dogs which makes them popular among everyone!

Check back in Jan and see if your baby made the cut!

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