How much is that Doggy in the window?

At some point in your life, or your kid’s their main Christmas/Birthday request has been a new puppy! I use the same response, "We will see".. but it gets old and they just keep asking. Why not really, a dog is one of the great pleasures of life. If you are considering giving in to your kids and getting a new puppy there are some things to think about before taking the big plunge!!!

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Get Off!!

Tired of trying to keep the family pet off the furniture or having pet hair all over you when you get up from the couch? Or... little dents in the leather couch from their nails? We NOW carry the product that everyone is talking about, The Petzoff Furniture Protector!

This great new product looks like a beautiful blanket on one side and a foil like material on the other side. The Petzoff Furniture...

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"Tell a friend" and so on and so on and so on.......

We all know someone that is disable or might have someone in our family that is disabled, all the way from being blind to having a learning disability.

Disabilitiescome in many fashions and affect people of all shapes and sizes. When walking down the street you might find yourself staring for a bit or maybe your child stops and looks for awhile, that is because we often don’t teach our kids about...