Life Vest for Dogs, so many uses

Doing my normal internet surfing for dog clothing and accessorories, I stumbled across a pretty cool idea to keep your doggies safe while they are frolicking in the water, LIFE JACKETS FOR DOGS!

I am amazed, I had no idea that not all dogs can swim, so having a floation device on your dog would ease your mind. The life jacketalso provides an effective way to rehabilitate dogs with leg injuries....

Working Hollywood Dogs - Where Are They Now? (And What Are They Wearing?)

We all know People Magazine has great celebrity style know-how. In it's most recent issue - they offered a pet-enthusiast style feature - and just had to share and comment. This article and photo feature showcases some celebrity pups (and more!) in their drop-dead gorgeous accessories and apparel - trust us, this is top of the line stuff here.

In the latest issue of People, they featured a “Where...

Molly and June

Certainly, buying a nice scarf or high-end apparel for your best friend or loved one isn’t out of the question ! I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw the precious reversible scarves for the furry-canine-types from Molly and June.

I mean, who would hesitate to put their TRUE best friend in this precious and colorful little accessory ? Or maybe you live in a rainy part of our beautiful planet - try...

The Proper Doggie

We all know Ellen loves her dogs! On her show yesterday we saw and were introduced to her guest and featured expert Hollywood dog trainer, Tamar Geller - of The Loved Dog Foundation - and Author of The Loved Dog - and she's also a dog and human life coach.

When the Doggie Bloggie Goddesses saw this; we knew we had to share with our readers interested in all things canine.We reviewed her website,...