We Have The Right Size Pet Costume

This Lobster Paws costume comes in sizes to fit most dogs.
“The store didn’t have a Halloween costume that fit my dog.”
The Posh Puppy Boutique hears this and similar complaints all the time. Our shoppers do not have that problem because we sell costumes in a wide range of sizes.
Have you a got a “teacup” pooch? Many of our double extra-small outfits will fit your tiny bundle of joy?
Owners of Yorkies, Toy Poodle, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas and Australian Terriers can find a wide selection of extra-small costumes and clothing made with their dogs in mind.
While costumes for medium and large size dogs are also fairly common, many retail stores leave out the bigger boys and girls. We have a huge selection of products designed to fit Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and Labs.
We also supply measurements for many of our clothing products because one company’s small is someone else’s extra small or medium.
And while we sell pre-sized costumes, we strongly suggest you measure your pet first. Why? Because if one of the pre-sized versions doesn’t fit, we have many designers who will custom make the perfect outfit designed for one dog and one dog only: yours.
Consider this very popular costume, which is available in sizes from extra-small to double extra-large: our Lobster Paws outfit ($25). Made of soft, durable fabrics, its hood features lobster eyes and foam antennae.
Dress your favorite dog as a flower, no matter if she is tiny or large.
Another very popular costume, which is available in sizes from extra small to triple extra large, is our Flower Dog Costume ($35). It comes in sizes to fit dogs weighing as little as 2 pounds to those bigger breeds topping the scales at 100 pounds.
This particular costume includes a foam neckpiece of pink and yellow petals. The green body suit works perfectly on its own as pet pajamas, ensuring your little bundle of joy stays warm on cold winter days and nights.
Our Lion Dog costume is also extremely popular.
Also look at our Lion Dog costume ($35) that turns any pooch into the king of the jungle. Sizes range from extra small to triple extra large. This particular one-piece costume features a faux fur mane and soft fleece body.
Also hugely popular is our Monkey Dog Costume ($35), which comes in sizes from extra-small to triple extra-large. It has large orange ears extending to the sides plus an attached tail. It is made as a hoodie with stretchy material that makes for a great fit.
For even fancier outfits, check out one of our many designers such as Susan LanciCentral Bark CoutureCouture by SophieDoggie Showgirls or any of our many other couture pet fashion designers.

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