We Have Star Wars, Wizard of Oz Costumes For Pets

Dress your dog in this Ewok costume from Star Wars.
Costumes for “Star Wars,” “The Wizard of Oz” and characters from many other movies are readily available in one source … but for dogs and cats only.
Find you’re a costume for your favorite hair or furry friend at the Posh Puppy Boutique where we stock literally thousands of pet costumes and outfits.
For example, we sell this simple Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume ($25) for small and medium pooches only. The Force lives in your dog, making him or her a perfect companion for your children in their Star Wars-themed outfits.
Find this Yoda--may the bark be with you-- costume at the Posh Puppy.
Maybe you prefer Yoda ($25), Princess Leia ($25) or a trip to the dark side with Darth Vader ($25). Sizes for each costume vary but in general run from small to extra large. All costumes include a jumpsuit and headpiece if appropriate.
You can extend your Star Wars fandom beyond Halloween with our extensive collection of Star Wars character-themed dog collars and even this great looking, gold on black Star Wars Harness ($55), complete with “D” ring for leash attachment. The harness measures 6-7 inches long and comes in sizes from extra-small to medium.
Costumes for the Tin Man ($27) and other “Wizard of Oz” characters are also very popular for Halloween. The Tin Man costume comes in sizes from extra small to extra large, fitting every breed from Chihuahuas to Labs and all those in between.
We also sell costumes from the Wizard of Oz.
Your little Tin Man can accompany his favorite little Dorothy ($48) in her blue gingham dress. This easy to apply dress includes a pair of matching hairbows. Available sizes range from extra small to large.
We even have the Cowardly Lion costume ($27) in sizes from extra small to extra large and the Scarecrow ($28) in the same sizes.
Your pet can be dressed as a superhero. A matching human version is also available.
Is your pooch more of a super hero to you and your family with the fastest tongue in the West? Dress them for Halloween in our Underdog costume $20, available in sizes from extra-small to extra large. You can even get a matching “one size fits most” human costume for $85.
If your dog is more into sunshine and heading South of the Border, honor them with one of our colorful Sombreros ($22 each), which come in your choice of black, turquoise or pink. These hats are available in small and medium sizes. The brims are trimmed with gold or silver metallic tape and embellished with classical floral symmetrical shapes.
We also have a Mexican Poncho and Sombrero Costume ($15) in sizes from small to extra-large. The outfit includes a colorful serape and sombrero.
Check out these and literally hundreds of other pet Halloween costumes at your favorite place for pets: the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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