Vaccinate your animals, a decision you won't regret


In Pontiac, Michigan breaking news today was regarding the outbreak of Parvo (parvovirus) in dogs and about how Parvo has taken the lives of hundreds of dogs this summer.

The Detroit Free Press reports that shelter workers in Detroit and Flint have also had outbreaks and it is the worst she has seen in years and even Houston, Texas is showing signs of the outbreak.

Parvo affects dogs by contact with feces (pet waste) from other contaminated dogs and most of the time die after several days after symptoms appear. Parvo is a viral disease and can be highly contagious and should be prevented by a regular vaccination by your vet. Puppies get Parvo more often than adult dogs and is carried by one dog to another. The vomit and feces of an infected animal can live outside the dog’s body for as long as 10 months. Some adult dogs can have this horrible disease and show no symptoms but be a carrier transmitting to other dogs and animals.

Families that are lower income are more susceptible to their pets having diseases because they tend to skip vaccinations and regular dog upkeep and care. There are many vaccination clinics and many of the pet stores in your area that run “specials” on vaccinations, so if you cannot afford your dog to have their shots, please visit one of these portable pet care events. Call your area’s animal shelter and find out what event's are going on in your area. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona offers vaccinations twice a week for $10.00.

Without treatment 80% of infected animals will die.

Some symptoms of Parvo are below but if you want more information regarding Parvo please visit:

  • Depression

  • lethargy

  • No eating

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

Bottom line is ~ no one (even animals) should suffer especially if you can keep it from happening ~ Have your dog vaccinated, do the right thing :)

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