Back to School blues for Fido...?


Laying around the house, swimming, playing outside, watching TV… that was such good times this summer for your dog and your kids. We (parents) are not the only ones who feel the "empty nest" when the kids go back to school.

There are some signs to watch for when your dog experiences the "doggie back to school blues". The kids are with their playmate most all summer and suddenly their gone, you need to watch for signs and symptoms early on.

Some symptoms of dog separation anxiety are:

~Scratching at the doors or windows to come in or be back with you
~Howling or crying
~Following you around while you are at home
~Displaying over excitement when you come home

More serious symptoms of canine separation can be:
~Not eating
~No energy

Things you can do to help keep doggie depression down:

~Start early paying less attention to him early making the transition easier.~Give them something to do during the day.. leave toys such as the Kong and the and then rotate during the week. Make sure the toys are high quality and indestructible so that he cannot hurt himself during the day and the toy will hold his interest.
~Create a “home” or “place” for your dog to call his own - get a dog crate, or make him a bed (with “his” blanket) in the laundry room and/or get him a nice doghouse. Pets must feel as if they have a “retreat” to go to.

For more information on pet separation anxiety visit the ASPCA website and in the meantime, please remember that Fido is not mad or acting in anything other than separation anxiety and missing you and the kids.

Be patient, this too shall pass.

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