Take your Pet to College? Absolutely!


Is your college kid missing their pet? As funny as it sounds, my son calls to talk to our dog on the phone in hopes to fill his “void” of his buddy! Funny how a 19 year old young man still has the need to be with his dog. We all remember Elle Woods taking Bruiser to school with her in the hit movie “Legally Blonde”.It worked for her!

Pet friendly colleges are on the rise and studies show some kids just make the transition easier. How much fun would it be to be able to get your dog or cat a new bed for the dorm while you are buying your own bedding for your dorm. Why not a collegiate collar as well?

Authorities are starting to realize that having your “best buddy” around you at college can be very helpful and in most cases a easier and more relaxed start to the new college year. Researchers say taking your pet to college with you is like taking a family member to school with you which can help with the transition. Pets can also help with homesickness and exam taking as it gives the student a “homier” feeling.

Of course you must check out to see what your University or college will allow and not allow.

Strict restrictions have been put in place if you do decide to take your pet to college with you:
  • Up to date shots
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Registered with the housing office

Eckered College has a special “pet dorm” where dogs and cats are allowed but have restrictions such as weighing less than 40 pounds etc.

CALTEC will allow cats in their dorms, as will the State University of New York. The University of Pennsylvania will allow hamsters, birds, and rabbits.

So, if you are sad about leaving your buddy, check with your school and their policy on pets. You may be surprised.

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