's getting chilly!


The chill is in the air, and if its not where you are, it will be soon!

With that "chill" means snow, cold rain and of course cold harsh temperatures.

You must not forget your dog and his need for warm fall fashion when walking him or her in this chilly weather. Don’t wait until there is snow on the ground to get your pup his doggy rain shoes or scarf.

This years top trends are selling out quick and a must have for the Fall! Important things to keep our BFF's warm!

They must have a coat! Its the "in" thing!

  • Many people think that because dog’s have fur that it keeps them warm. WRONG! Dogs get cold too so get your little on a fashionable jacket or coat to wear. Why not try Posh Puppy’s Fargo Jacket? It’s a Hooded winter coat with Faux fur trim. Reflective tape on the back. Comes ready with leash hole. Shell and Lining are both 100% Polyester. Colors: Red, Light Pink, Royal Blue.

Don’t forget their footsies!
  • How cold is it walking through the cold grass or concrete especially after a rain.would you go without shoes?
  • There are many types of shoes for your dog out there, but make sure they are waterproof if it is raining. A great shoe is the Guardian Gear Dogs Boots. They provide durable, long-lasting protection during any outdoor activity and helps prevent injuries from heat, cold, salt, ice and stones!

What about their head?
  • Make sure you cover their little “noggin”. Try out this black and white hat! Its fully lined!
Where to sleep? Not the snow of course!
  • Don’t forget the most important thing and that is making sure your dog has protection from the outside elements this fall season. It has get windy and cold quick so make sure that they have warm bed to cuddle up in.

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