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Take Pride in Your Pooch

Hey Seattle residents, are you proud of your pooch? If so, dress them in their favorite clothes and attend the Third Annual Doggie Drag Show on Friday, June 25.

The free event starts at noon at the stage near the intersection of Broadway and Thomas. The intersection is near the Mudbay Pet Store in the Capital Hill neighborhood.

Among the dogs attending is Allie (seen above) who will be wearing an...

Doggles Protect Your Dog’s Delicate Eyes

Your dog’s eyes can be permanently damaged by the sun, wind, rocks, bugs and all sorts of flying things. Protect their delicate orbs with a pair of ILS Doggles from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Doggles have four key features designed just for dogs:
1. Deeper lens cups to protect dogs’ protruding eyes and keeping the lenses from irritating your dog's eyes.
2. Wide nose bridges, since your... Review Medals