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Host A Valentine’s Day Pet Party

Our Luxe Suede Carrier from Susan Lanci Designs.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for a Posh Puppy Pet Party.
Start by having your friends carry their precious small cargos is comfort, style and safety in our Luxe Suede Cuddle Carrier ($130) from designer Susan Lanci. Available in fawnpinkdenim or black, these carriers feature a soft suede exterior. The interior is linked with blanket-grade...

Our Valentine’s Dog Treats Will Set Your Heart Aflame

Our Love Bug Antenna has an adjustable elastic strap.

Is your pooch a real sweetheart? Then top him or her off with our Love Bug Antenna ($10) or the Sweet Heart Hat ($15) before filling them up with delicious dog-friendly treats from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Your friends’ eyes will bug out when they see your pooch bouncing along wearing their antenna, which has an adjustable elastic strap. Our...

Choosing the Best Dog Treat

Moving in a grocery store and selecting the right dog treatcan be a tedious task. And on top of it you too need to see which treat is best for your dog. Finding such kind of dog treat takes good time and research. The truth is, the best dog treat is the one that meets your dog's nutritional requirements, which vary based upon the dog's age, breed, body weight, genetics, and amount of activity......

Our Treats Will Make Any Dog Drool

Every good dog deserves tail-wagging treats. Whether it’s for learning a new behavior, a pup pals party or a holiday, the Posh Puppy Boutique has literally hundreds of delicious—and healthy—specialized treats to paw through.

Our “Glam Pack” boxed gift set ($30), like many of our dog treats, uses peanut butter, whole wheat flour, oats, dried eggs, honey, canola oil and cinnamon. Each treat is hand...