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Take care of those Chompers!

With all the sweets lately, Christmas, Valentine's and now Easter upon us we make sure our teeth are good and healthy. What about your four legged friend? How are his teeth? He doesn't have hands to pick up food so his teeth are his only resource to food and eating.

There are so many products to help us having beautiful healthy teeth and regular trips to our Dentist ensure us a white smile and...

Tools for the Teeth!

We are so busy with our own periodontal care, trips to the Dentist, teeth whitening, gum care and flossing that we forget that our pet’s teeth are of great importance too.. until we smell that breath! MAN! What did he eat?

Your dog probably won’t LOVE having their chompers brushed but it really is a necessity, especially if he has yucky breath. With repetitive care and brushing he might actually...