Protect Your Pup From The Summer Sun

Snout soother contains sunblock and other ingredients.
Many people like taking their dogs on summer trips, including treks to the lake, river or ocean. What they don’t realize is too much sun can hurt their dogs.
The Posh Puppy Boutique has four grooming products that contain pet-approved sunscreen. We also sell a wide selection of hats, rash guards—and Doggles— to protect your dog’s eyes from harmful UV rays, rays that can cause cataracts in dogs just as they do in humans.
Pet Sunscreen ($16) has a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of 15. This non oily, non-irritating and silicone free product can be safely sprayed on your dog’s skin or coat. It’s also water soluble, so a quick rinse removes it.
Sun Block Spray for Dogs ($22) is designed to protect light colored dogs and those with thin coats from UV rays. Darker dogs will find their coats do not fade as quickly.
Flea the Scene is perfect for outdoor trips.
Flea the Scene ($19) is designed to take the sting out of insect bites, especially those nasty fleas that get past your regular protection. It also soothes the skin with Indian Frankincense and aloe vera while adding an all-natural sunscreen. Your dog gets double protection.
Natural Dog Snout Soother ($19) nourishes, moisturizes and heals your pet’s delicate nose tissues. These tissues get damaged by exposure to the sun and wind—like when your dog sticks its head out the car window. This product helps soothe those irritations while adding sunscreen as well.
Protect your dog’s delicate eyes with a visor and their body with a lightweight rashguard shirt, both of which have SPF ratings of 50 or more. We sell both in many bright colors, all of which are also fast drying.
Girl dogs will look very feminine in our Floral Stamp Pink Rashguard Shirt ($29) and matching visor ($18). Shirts are made from 80/20 nylon/lycra fabrics for a great look that protects your pet all day long. Our 17 other colorful patterns include Tiki Cobalt($29), Plumeria Purple ($29) and others. Sizes range from extra small to 5 XL for the biggest dogs.
These visors shade your dog's delicate eyes from the sun.
The visors—like the Tuga Pink ($18) model—also have SPF 50-plus ratings. They fit over your dog’s ears, wrap around their foreheads and shade their eyes. A chin strap keeps them secure. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large.
Colorful, lightweight Rashguard shirts protect your pet from the sun.

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