Our 'Pup' Tents Are Perfect For Canine Camping Trips

The Dog Bag Pet Tent comes in three sizes.
Do you want to take your dog camping with you, but your tent is too small to hold them and you?
Consider getting a “pup” tent designed just for dogs from the Posh Puppy Boutique. We have several options to select from depending if your trip is a day dash to the beach or several days under the trees.
The Tiny House Tent ($55) is a folding, portable dog house. It is available with or without a zippered door.
Consider the K-9 Koolee ™ Portable Pet Cooling Bed ($140) for longer periods away from home, like car camping trips and all-day beach outings. Available in sizes for dogs up to 55 pounds, and dogs weighing more than that, the system includes a core pad containing eight individual cooling pouches. A folding tent then provides sun protection, letting your dog have fun without getting burned.
The Dog-Bag Pet Tent ($165) has a strong pop-up frame with integrated steel loops. Designed to be portable, it fits in its own back pack, which is included. Best of all, it comes in three sizes to fit dogs from small guys like Pugs to bigger buddies like Siberian Huskies and Rottweilers.
The Sun, Rain and Snow Tent For Dogs ($160) also comes in three sizes. This bottom-less design works with the dog bag (above, not included) system. Just stick the dog bag inside and your pet is protected from the elements such as the sun or summer storms.
The Umbra Pet Tent works well for car camping, too.
Our Umbra Pet Tent ($160) takes the Dog Bag to a new level. Combining a portable pet house, car containment system (for SUV’s) and outdoor tent in one, it pops up in seconds. Carried in a messenger-style bag, it has claw-proof windows and small front porch. Best of all, it comes in small, medium and large sizes.
This carrier doubles as a compact pet tent.
The Ultimate Backpack Pet Carrier ($105) is meant to help you carry your pet on hikes. Designed to let you walk without being thrown off-balance by a tugging dog, it has a zippered front that releases into a small tent. Mesh side doors let you transport your pet in a well-ventilated carrier. This product is designed for dogs weighing no more than 22 pounds.
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