Pet Steps Help Your Senior Dog, Cat


One unfortunate problem older humans, dogs and cats share is arthritis. As we get older, our ability to jump around is not what it used to be. For dogs and cats the inability to jump onto a bed can be cause of depression and anxiety.

Several new products at the Posh Puppy Boutique can help your pet and look very stylish in the process.

The Edmond Series Pet Steps ($525) is designed for medium and large breeds. Handmade of poplar, it has stainless steel rods and is painted or finished in several colors. Options are black, white, natural, walnut and mahogany. It has two non-skid steps and railings with a total height of 16 inches, making it a great for your senior companions.

We also just added three Mirador Pet Steps. The Series I ($750) uses six steps—perfect for smaller breeds and cats—while rising 27 inches to a mezzanine. It is also foldable and comes in the color options mentioned above.

The Mirador Series II ($590) is similar to the Series I but without the mezzanine. It also is not foldable and rises to 24 inches, not 27.

The Mirador Series III ($550) has only four steps instead of the six in the Series I and Series II and rises 16 inches.

Another option is the Barcelona Pet Steps line, which also has three choices.

The Barcelona ($775) is similar to the Mirador Series I with poplar, adding wrought iron, interchangeable gates and a removable door. Like theMirador Series I, the Barcelona also has a mezzanine.

The Barcelona II ($620) is similar to the Mirador Series II but adds wrought iron for a different look. It is also 24 inches tall.

The Barcelona III ($550) has four steps and rises 16 inches.

People wanting a multi-level look in a space-saver design should look at the Chicago series ($795). Like the Barcelona, it features poplar wood and wrought iron but adds a corner shape that provides two rest areas along with six steps. It also rises 27 inches.

All of these steps will give your senior dog or cat greater confidence and put less stress on their joints as they maneuver from the floor to bed with ease.

Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions or visit us online at the Posh Puppy Boutique. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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