Introducing Milk & Pepper!


Posh Puppy Boutique is proud to announce the addition of Milk & Pepper.
This adorable apparel will make your furry friend be warm and stylish. Maybe your pet needs something for all types of weather? Then the Storm Winter Raincoat will be just the right jacket for them.
Maybe your dog just needs something to keep them warm Inuit Lilas Parkaand prefer the more simple things in life. Then the Snow Down Coat available in black or silver could be just the thing they are looking for. Maybe your pooch is a little more into style? Well look no further the Intuit Lilas Parka or the Origami Coat may be more to their liking.Weather your pet likes simple or to be in style Milk & Pepper have just what you are looking for.
Storm Winter RaincoatMaybe your pet just wants to look good with a little extra warmth around the house and they want to show the spunk they have. Then try the Speak Lagoon Hoodie on for size. ( I don't Speak English, but I understand everything.) At Posh Puppy Boutique we are always keeping up with fashion so don't forget to check back and see what other great products we have added!

Speak Lagoon Hoodie

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