Get a Case of Cat Scratch Fever

This scratching post is purrfect for smaller cats and kittens.

Dogs are our main focus here at the Posh Puppy Boutique but did you know that we also cater to cats?
Check out our Cat Corner for some cat-centric couture products, starting with some scratching posts that are works of art. Keep your kitty from sharpening their claws on your furniture. Let them shed these works of art that are Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled paper. Every Scratch ‘n Shapes scratcher also comes with a bag of 100 percent organic catnip.
“Here mousy, mousy. Want some cheese?” Your cat might want to say that from the comfort of their Cheese Scratcher ($27). With a bumpy side for rubbing and an angled side for scratching, this “hunk of cheese” looks great even when your cat is not using it.
The center section on this Giant Cheese scratcher is removable.
Bigger cats—and multiple cat households—will like the Giant Cheese version ($97). This triangular shaped scratching post has a removable center section. The hole doubles as a toy or bed while the insert is a second scratcher.
The Vogue Scratcher, like many of these models, has many uses.
The Vogue Scratcher ($55) comes in your choice of three colorful prints. The inside is removable, doubling as a bed or second post.
The Tower Tunnel ($75) is about 18 inches tall and wide plus 9 inches deep. Available in Italian GreenModern A and Retro designs, it works perfectly for older cats and curious kittens.
Ah, but I have a big cat or three, you say. Smaller scratchers don’t work. The Big Cat Scratcher ($220) is nearly 4 feet long and 18.75 inches tall. Several cats will find a purrfectly comfortable crash pad and scratching post all in one.
Another grrreat option for your bigger paw pals is the Giant Tiger Scratcher ($220). At 51 inches long and 9 inches deep, it has plenty of space for scratching, playing or snoozing.
The Fins & Feathers ($60) is designed for smaller cats at 21.5 inches long. It includes a bonus Maribou feather wand for hours of play.
Climbing cats can stay safe and comfortable indoors while still getting “high” with the Giant Pyramid Scratcher ($170). At 33.5 inches tall, it gives them room to climb or strrrecchh out. The inner section is removable for use as a second scratcher. It comes in your choice of three patterns.
These and several other artistic Scratch ‘n Shapes scratchers are available in the Posh Puppy Boutique’s Cat Corner. Saunter on by for a visit.
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