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Posh Puppy Boutique is the biggest and most prominent online dog boutique. Posh Puppy Boutique offers the most exclusive collection of designer dog clothing, collars, costumes and accessories. We offer a huge selection of the newest dog clothes and accessories by all your favorite dog designers. For the dog who wants it all and where the distinguished doggies shop!
Posh Puppy Boutique would like to welcome you to our Cat Corner. We cater to fashionable felines too. So look for further, your search ends at posh puppy boutique. We offer exclusive range of Cat products at affordable prices to suit your needs. Our Cat Corner has custom made items and are designed to add sparkle to your cat. Our gifted designer team has made it possible to offer you the best that this industry has seen and you can pick and choose our products from the your comfort of your home.

We offer a verity of Cat Corner products which include, towers and forts. We have the best selection of cat collars. Shamrock collar, love collar, kiss me collar, Bon voyage collar, lil hearts collar to name a few. The best cat corner products are just a click away for your cat.

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Plaid Nylon Collar Slipper Bed- Pink Burger Bed Solid
Plaid Nylon Collar- Many Colors
Product Price: $10.00
Slipper Bed- Pink
Product Price: $80.00
Burger Bed Solid
Product Price: $70.00
Cat / Dog Collars Dog Bed Dog Bed
Burger Bed Leaf Burger Bed Blue Stripes Burger Bed- Floral
Burger Bed Leaf
Product Price: $70.00
Burger Bed Blue Stripes
Product Price: $70.00
Burger Bed- Floral
Product Price: $70.00
Dog Bed Dog Bed Dog Bed
Burger Bed- Nautical Burger Bed- Blue Dots Burger Bed- Modern Red
Burger Bed- Nautical
Product Price: $70.00
Burger Bed- Blue Dots
Product Price: $70.00
Burger Bed- Modern Red
Product Price: $72.00
Dog Bed Dog Bed Dog Bed
Burger Bed- Modern Gray Burger Bed Modern Navy Slipper Bed- Blue
Burger Bed- Modern Gray
Product Price: $72.00
Burger Bed Modern Navy
Product Price: $65.00
Slipper Bed- Blue
Product Price: $80.00
Dog Bed Dog Bed Dog Bed
Burger Bed Dandelion Burger Bed Color Flower Burger Bed Tree
Burger Bed Dandelion
Product Price: $71.00
Burger Bed Color Flower
Product Price: $71.00
Burger Bed Tree
Product Price: $71.00
Dog Bed Dog Bed Dog Bed
Burger Bed Blue Flower Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Cabinet / Doggie Den- Mahogany Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Cabinet / Doggie Den- Espresso
Burger Bed Blue Flower
Product Price: $71.00
Dog Bed Dog Furniture/ Cat Litter Cabinet Dog Furniture/ Cat Litter Cabinet
Anchors Nylon Ribbon Collars Cod Sticks Treats Haddock Sticks Treats
Cod Sticks Treats
Product Price: $9.00
Haddock Sticks Treats
Product Price: $7.00
Cat / Dog Nylon Collars Dog Treats Dog Treats
Meow Town Windsor Cat Litter Bench Muscratchio Cat Scratcher Crave Silicone Diners- Aqua
Windsor Cat Litter Bench
Product Price: $348.00
Muscratchio Cat Scratcher
Product Price: $20.00
Crave Silicone Diners- Red
Product Price: $27.00
Cat Corner Cat Scratching Post Dog Bowl
Cat Cave Bed Kong Zoom Groom Rubber Pet Brush-Cats or Dogs FURminator Professional Curry Combs
Cat Cave Bed- Two Colors
Product Price: $40.00
Dog Bed Dog Grooming Dog Grooming
Flea Control Pet Spray - All Natural All Natural Flea Control Yard Spray with Applicator Flea & Tick Carpet Powder
Flea & Tick Carpet Powder
Product Price: $17.00
Dog Grooming Dog Grooming Dog Grooming