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Agent K-9 aka Spot may have raised the reputation of the federal agency several notches with his stellar performance in the movie of the same name. Unfortunately the agency thought it fit to save on apparel for its top notch K series agents perhaps in the mistaken belief that being a natural would help them sniff out culprits in a better way. However, as a pet owner, you may not expect such rigorous duties from the darling of your house and heart.  Instead, you can pamper him, dress him to the nines and show him off to your friends and possible dog suitors with a sense of sartorial style.

Cute Dog Clothes

The trouble for most puppy lovers is the size and variety of dogs where the usual human sizes and styles would not apply. The Shih Tzu, whose bark could be worse than his bite, may need threads that fit his style and size. The giant Great Dane or the St Bernard may, in dog terms, be beyond XXXLL. A dog may walk in not wearing much except his fur and walk out a fully attired dog gentleman with the canine equivalent of hat, coat, tie and even shoes. 
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 A lady Pomeranian may primp and preen before the mirror with a hat sitting between her ears, a scarf looped around her neck with a necklace to match and her dainty feet suitably outfitted with shoes and socks. You do not want her delicate paws getting hurt or dirty, would you?
Designer Dresses

From the zany and wacky to breathtakingly stylish and smart, you can get a range of designer dog clothes and accessories for dogs of any breed or type or size from Posh Puppy Boutique, the online supermarket created from the canine’s perspective. Are dogs judgmental? You never know but you can try sticking a nice blue wig on their heads and let their wisdom shine through. Should you get your poodle a lovely tiara for her wedding?

K9 Optix Sunglasses
Sunglasses, as you might know, are not just worn by the Hollywood elite to distinguish themselves from the general populace. Dogs love them too. Especially when you take them to the beach where other dogs will be scrutinizing them to see how well they have trained their masters to dress and accessorize them. Sunglasses, according to dogs, are a nice camouflage and allow you to sniff out likely prospects on the beach without seeming too interested. They can also help you look menacing says an expert beach doggies.


Giving food and shelter is not sufficient. A dog must have his day, every day and what better way than to outfit them with clothes and accessories. He is like your baby, in a manner of speaking. You would not want your baby running around in the buff would you?

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