10 Ways a Dog Shows Its Love


Studies have shown that since dogs and humans have been intertwined throughout history, they have developed ways to show their love for humans.

But you may be wondering:  How do these dogs show their love?

1.  They Lick You
This is an obvious sign of affection dogs and even wolves show - assuming you don't have any sauce on your face that they want to taste. Licking you, especially your face, is a signal of friendliness and submission.

2.  They Wag Their Tails


A dog can express many different emotions by wagging their tail, and sometimes, it may not be due to being happy.  However, if other signs of comfort are displayed, then you can safely assume that your dog is showing you that they feel happy being with you! A relaxed and non-intense wagging is more likely to be about comfort and happiness than any other emotion.

3.  They Roll Over


When a dog wants a bit of scratching or rubbing on their belly, they tend to roll over.  And who would they want to rub their belly, other than someone they trust? Nobody, so if they let you rub them, it means that they trust you enough to expose their vulnerable belly to you.

4.  They Follow You
A devoted dog doesn't want to let their owner go anywhere without them - at least in the first few weeks. If they follow you, it's because they want to feel protected. They are social beings and tend to form packs, and if they follow you often, it more than likely means you’re the pack leader.

5.  They Jump on You


As puppies, they want to lick their mother's face and have to jump in order to so. This behavior persists through adulthood when they see you as their "parent." You might feel uncomfortable when your dog jumps on you, and that's fine, but all they want is to innocently show you their love.

6.  They Play with You


Sometimes, your dog will be eager to start "wrestling" with you. This is completely normal since this is a way to create stronger bonds with others. This wrestling can include biting or swiping at you.  While this can be a sign of love to them, it should be toned down to avoid hurting others or unnecessary vet bills.

7.  They Lean on You

If they see you as a person they trust, they will also lean on you occasionally. It's not a thing they do only when they're tired; they do it to show you are the one they can count on.

8.  They Bring You Their Favorite Toy

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Bringing their favorite toy to you is their way of saying: "Here, you will like it a lot!" There is nothing more beautiful than sharing, and dogs know it too. The toy might be all torn apart and useless to you, but to them, it may be the most precious thing they have.

9.  They Cuddle with You


Dogs are not really fond of cuddling, but if they don't get upset when you cuddle with them, then they're just enjoying your company.

10.  They Sleep Next to You
Nothing feels safer than sleeping with someone strong that you can trust, right? Dogs often say yes to this question, too. If they come near you or on your bed while you're sleeping, it's because they want to feel protected.
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