La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Dog Pet Collar - EXCLUSIVE TO POSH PUPPY BOUTIQUE

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La Jeune Tulipeis of the world's most exquisite and valuable dog collars. A 1.52-carat marquise-cut diamond blooms as the focal point of this extraordinary piece, with its intricate arrangement of marquise-, pear-, and brilliant-shaped diamonds. Handcrafted with extreme precision,La Jeune Tulipeis the crown jewel of the canine kingdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are the diamonds for the collars sourced?
    All diamonds come from our affiliate jeweler in New York, with whom we have enjoyed a close relationship for many years.
  2. How can I be assured that the diamonds are of high quality?
    The majority of the diamonds in each collar are issued a GIA Certificate. The GIA (Gemology Institute of America) is the world's most trusted name in diamond grading and gemstone identification.
  3. Who will customize the collar to fit my dog?
    Our New York-based jewelers will work closely with you during the customization process, making sure your specific needs and requirements are met.
  4. Are the collars kept in stock?
    Each collar is custom-fitted with the option of tailoring the design to your tastes, hence we do not keep any in stock. We do, however, keep a sample of each design in our Los Angeles office. The GIA certified diamonds that have been hand-picked for each collar can be viewed at our affiliate office in New York.
  5. How long does it take to produce a collar?
    The process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. If you choose to tailor the collar in any way, such as upgrading one of the gems, it's possible that the production time could be extended.
  6. Who do I contact if I want to purchase one of the collars?
    Please contact our California office at (888) 837-5230. We will answer any questions you have.
  7. Do I need to pay for the collar in full at the time of purchase?
    We require a 50 percent deposit to start the customization process. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of the finished collar.
  8. Why might the final price vary from what is stated on this website?
    The final price of your collar may be more or less than what is stated on this site due to the customization process, which includes tailoring the length of the collar for your dog and your option to personally select gems.
  9. Will the collar be delivered to me upon completion?
    The collar will be available for pick up at our New York affiliate office, or we can arrange a secure courier service to deliver to you.

Diamonds are truly one of nature's most precious and beautiful creations. They are formed from pure carbon that is crystallized under intense heat and pressure deep below the earth's surface. Although diamonds are the world's hardest substance, their appeal goes far beyond their durability.

Over the years, diamond professionals have developed universally standardized criteria for assessing a diamond's value. Beauty, rarity and price depend on the interplay of the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat. Diamonds with the highest rating in each of these categories are increasingly rare and more expensive. No one characteristic is more important than another in terms of appearance and quality.

Cut refers to the the make of the diamond -- the angles, proportion and symmetry. A well-cut diamond reflects maximum light and thus sparkles the best. Cut can also refer to the shape of the diamond. Shapes include round, oval, emerald, asscher, heart, square, pear, marquis, princess, trilliant and radiant. The diamond shapes used inLa Collection de Bijouxare round-brilliant, heart and pear. The 58-facet round-brilliant cut is the most optically brilliant because of its 360-degree symmetrical shape. The complex heart shape is the ultimate symbol of love, and requires skilled cutting to ensure proper brilliance. The fancy pear-shaped cut is a variation on the round-brilliant cut, with one round end and the other tapered to a point, like a teardrop.
Clarity refers to the presence of internal inclusions ("blemishes") in a diamond. It indicates a stone's relative position on a "purity" scale.




No internal or external flaws

Internally Flawless:IF

No internal flaws

Very, Very Slight Inclusions:VVS1, VVS2

Inclusions very difficult to see under 10X

Very Slight Inclusions:VS1, VS2

Inclusions are not typically visible to the unaided eye

Slight Inclusions:SI1, SI2, SI3

Inclusions are visible under 10x magnification and may be visible with the unaided eye

Included:I1, I2, I3

Inclusions that are visible to the naked eye

Color refers to the degree to which a diamond is colorless. The less color in a diamond, the better the diamond grade.

























Colorless Near Colorless Faint Yellow Very Light Yellow Light Yellow Fancy
Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. A carat is further divided into points (100 points = 1 carat).

Sku: ILDD-150

Customer Reviews

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Mochi LOVES her new collar!

I've tried everything from prong collars to harnesses, but my Cavapoo will not wear anything that does not cost less than a quarter of a million dollars. Thank you Posh Puppy Boutique

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