Inner Harmony Pet Collar - Throat Chakra Inspired

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Being a RockStar Pet requires that your energy is clear, balanced and aligned to get that charisma and glow that all stars have. This requires that you have inner harmony and are in tune inside and out. Our Aura Chakra Inspired Collar is a part of our signature Inner harmony Pet Collar Collection. When you use this collar to balance your pets chakra’s, then go exercise to get their energy flowing, clear their energy by taking a bath and then wear your pet collar, then the healing and balancing qualities of radiance, charisma and wholeness come out.

Product Details:

  • Made in the USA
  • Silver glitter vegan pleather collar
  • Large Rainbow Aurora and Clear Diamonte Crystal Rhinestones (from the Czech Republic)
  • Crystal Rhinestone Buckle
  • Special “Prong-tite” formula to keep the rhinestones in place
  • D Ring
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Charm


When your pets Aura is blocked is the best time to use this collar as a healing tool. You will notice that when your pet feels like they are invisible, like they are not getting the attention that they want and need. The opposite is true when your pets chakras are too open and they feel like they are getting too much exposure, unwanted attention and they are trying to protect themselves from being in the limelight.



Dog Collar Sizes:

– Extra Small fits 6″ through 8″ snug neck circumference (3/8″ wide)
– Small fits 8-1/2″ through 9-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/8″ wide)
– Medium fits 9-1/2″ through 11-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/8″ wide)
– Medium Large fits 11-1/2″ through 13-1/2″ snug neck circumference (1/2″ wide)
– Large 13″ through 14-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)
– Extra Large fits 15″ through 16-1/2″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)

– 1XL fits 1XL dog 17″ -19″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)
– 2XL fits 2XL dog 19″ – 21″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)
– 3XL fits 3XL dog 21″ – 23″ snug neck circumference (3/4″ wide)



***This item is handmade to order here in the US, and can take about 1-2 weeks to ship. It is not eligible for any returns/exchanges. Please contact us prior to purchasing with any sizing questions***


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