Heat up those Hot Dogs!

When I say Hot Dog, I don’t mean the food, I mean, its time now to get those little Dachshunds or any dog warm with the cold weather almost here. Depending on where you live, it may already be as cold as can be!

Just as we have Summer tips for our dogs, now we have winter tips for dogs.

• Shelter Outside: Please make sure your dog house fits your dog appropriately. Make sure your dog can stand up,...
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It's not too late to dress him up!

If you are running behind and don’t have time to go out and buy your pet a Halloween costume, there are many things sitting around your house that you can figure out a SPOOKY get up for your pooch!

Here are a few ideas for a Homemade pet costume: (Remember you can use regular clothes, items and hair color to make your dog be just about anything)

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SPIT out that gum!

You wouldn’t think that chewing gum could hurt your dog, but this SPOOKY season, BEWARE cause it can! When your kids are unloading their Halloween treats make sure you keep your doggie away from the candy and especially the gum, especially the sugar free gum!

The Xylitol in sugarless gum can be toxic, and can cause liver failure in your dog. According to the Animal Poison Control Center, last year...

Patience is a Virtue!

Halloween is almost here and that means that your pet will be sporting his favorite Halloween costume!
If you are like me and enjoy taking pictures, it is a must to know how to take the best pictures of your pets.

Suggestions for taking pet pictures are:
1/  Use treats : Bribery and motivation is the key. Pick a yummy treat and use it to your advantage. 

2/ Use good light: While outdoors is the best...