Yvette Ruta Has Stylish New Pet Beds

Yvette Ruta's P:ink Stripes and Lipstick bed has many options
“A cardboard box with a threadbare towel is the only bed most dogs need.” That isn’t the case for people who consider their pets members of the family: spoiled, pampered and treated like the queens and kings they are.

People who want a bed that reflect their style and class—not the word “cheap”—will want to swing by the Posh Puppy Boutique and look at some new offerings from designer Yvette Ruta. All of these items make great Valentine’s day presents for your little pal.

This Pink Stripes and Lipstick set (starting at $205) is available in three sizes with five choices of pillow color, six options for bed feet color and three options for the trim and bed base color. Proudly Made in the USA, it will look great for your doggie diva in any room, especially a young girl’s.

Another new bed offering from Ruta is this Pink Cheetah and Polka Dot Bed Set also starting at $205. It has the same range of options letting you mix and match to suit your tastes and your décor.

Ruta’s Pink Hearts and Lips Bed Set (starting at $205) is just as versatile—and just as fancy—as the previous two.

This Cuddle Cui Bed is perfect for your little snuggler.
Another interesting bed that is perfect for your little snuggler—while also being soft and portable—is this Luxury Leopard Dog Cuddle Cup in pink ($95). Measuring 20 by 25 inches, it is made with luxurious light pink minky fur and pink leopard faux fur.

We also carry a huge selection of other beds, blankets and furniture for the discerning pet and pet owner.

Baxter's Basic Red Sweater has a European cut.
If a new bed isn’t in your dog’s future, consider a new sweater for these cold nights. A prime example is our Baxter’s Basic Sweater ($20) in a classic turtleneck with a European cut. Sizes range from extra small to extra large.

Our Tuxedo Sweater ($170) is great for any fancy occasion. It is made with top-grade cotton and trimmed with black sequins, black buttons and a red bow tie. It is handmade to order so measure carefully as it cannot be returned. Sizes range from extra small to large.

This Pink Bone Sweater ($45) comes in an array of sizes to fit dogs from teacup breeds to Golden Retrievers and Labs. It features a crew neck collar

And by the way, consider taking your old pet beds and pet clothes to a local animal shelter. Your hand-me-down clothes will look fabulous on a downtrodden pet and may make the difference in them finding a new forever home. Your old pet beds and blankets—plus older towels and human-sized blankets, too—will help keep shelter pets warm during these cold days and colder nights. Pay them a visit: you might just find a new friend, too.

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