You Need More Than A Dog Carrier To Fly With Your Pet


Airline organizations aren’t simply cramming more fliers into their flights, but also accommodating more dogs than it ever did. Then again, if you never flew with your pet before, you probably have loads of questions. How do you travel with your four-legged family member? How does it work? How much you must spend? Will it be safe? It goes without saying that flying with your puppy is more expensive than going alone, but it’s possible. You only need to research the matter thoroughly beforehand. Gathering as much info as possible is even more crucial now due to COVID-19.


Here are a few things worth knowing.


The cargo bay or below the seat: The size of your pet will dictate whether you have to send him to the cargo hold or keep him below the seat. Small pooches can travel with humans easily inside a dog carrier. The rules enforced by airline organizations tend to differ, but if you opt for a carry-on, you can put him below your seat and conclude the journey. Larger animals, on the other hand, have to make peace with staying inside the cargo hold.


appropriate dog carrier

Get the right bag: Regardless of where the doggie spends the flight time, you must buy an appropriate dog carrieror crate. Most airline organizations stick to the guidelines of the International Air Transport Association. They published a list of items you need to travel with your pet in an aircraft. You should go through that list and choose a product accordingly.


Expenses: Now you have to know how much you must spend on the fight. Usually, it amounts to $125 if you want your doggie to fly with you in the cabin. However, different airline companies charge different prices. The cost of shipping the dog in the cargo hold depends on his weight combined with the crate. The distance you will be covering will also add to the expenses. You should visit the website of the airline organization to get an estimate.


appropriate dog carrier

Go through the rules: Everyone knows that flying means adhering to a massive set of rules and guidelines. You must go through them thoroughly to avoid encountering unwanted situations after reaching the airport or during boarding. For instance, airline companies don’t allow pugs to travel inside the cargo hold because their face prevents them from breathing freely. Conversely, very few organizations will let strong, hotheaded breeds like a pit bull or a Rottweiler.


Flight choice: It’s as important to scrutinize the different flight organizations as pet carriers. You should look for a flight without transfers. Also, you must avoid flying during national or international holidays. In doing so, you can minimize all risks.


appropriate dog carrier


Final considerations


You, just like every other pet lover, are crazy about your doggie. You love him with every portion of your being. However, it’s better to think about whether you should travel with him in an aircraft at all or not. Experts say that it’s better to avoid flying with your pooch unless it’s absolutely necessary, and if it’s a necessity in your case, you should adhere to the guidelines mentioned here.

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