Why Is The Size Of A Luxury Dog Bed So Important


Something available in a massive variety is a much better omen than its scarcity. In that respect, pet product sellers have many pet beds to offer you now than they used to before. However, selecting the right bed prove to be a confusing endeavor. One of the most common reasons why pet owners often resort to returning the beds they buy for their constant companion is due to selecting the wrong size. If you think that the size of the dog bed isn’t something to worry about then consider a few situations: would a tall man be able to sleep in a baby cradle? Similarly, don’t you think that a five-year-old would feel overwhelmed to lie down on a king-size bed? These cases are similar to choosing a bed of incorrect size for your dog.

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1. Take measurements: So, if you realized the importance of purchasing a bed for your dog that suits his/her size, then you’re probably planning to buy one. You should visit Posh Puppy Boutique, especially if you want a luxury dog bed. Regardless of what you plan to purchase, you should start by measuring your pooch. Unlike the beds used by human beings, there aren’t any universal predefined bed sizes for you to choose from for your doggie. Hence, you must measure your pet first and then select a bed accordingly.

2. Personality of the user: Just like regular human beings, dogs have different personalities. They assume various positions while sleeping. You must take your dog’s favorite sleeping posture into account before buying a luxury dog bed. Most dogs tend to curl up into a ball while sleeping. It is in their instinct to assume that position because it keeps them warm while making them feel secure. If your pet curls up to sleep, then a bed of almost any size should suffice. Other dogs tend to stretch out while sleeping. Naturally, they will need a larger place to sleep. Big cots are also crucial for dogs that are suffering from arthritis.

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3. Easily washable: You must not forget that you have to wash the bed of your dog now and then. Depending on the material used by the manufacturers, you may have to clean the cot to get rid of dirt and debris. By washing the bed frequently, you can also kill mites, fleas, or anything else that your pooch brings home from his/her daily walks. Your pet’s saliva, hair, and bacteria can also accumulate on the bed. That is why experts suggest dog owners resort to waterproof beds made of anti-bacterial fabric.

4. The fillings: Beds for dogs filled with foam shreds, pellets, and other soft substances are readily available these days. While these cots are cheap, they will cost you more in the long-term. These beds tend to deteriorate faster as you have to wash them frequently. Besides, cots with loose fillings are difficult to clean because they break down faster. When the filling starts to shift or flatten, it can shrink the usable surface area of the bed. The best way to avoid such issues is to choose a high-quality bed that can easily outlast any cheaper product.

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5. Pet stores vs. online shops: It is much simpler and faster to buy something over the internet than visiting a physical brick-and-mortar store. Online companies generally provide a set of guidelines to help you pick the ideal bed for your beloved pet. Some websites also have quizzes and FAQs that can further assist you with your selection. With appropriate support, the process becomes smooth, easy, and often costs far less than buying something from a pet store.

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There are moments when you can’t prevent visiting a pet store or any other departmental store to buy a bed for your dog. What can you do in such situations? You may bring a measuring tape to take the measurements of the available products. Some people also consider bringing their pooch to the store so that he/she can try lying down on one of the beds before the owner buys it. Dogs won’t lie down because there will be distractions within the store. Also, the store owner may not allow tryouts. In such conditions, you can’t do anything else but choose a bed that is a little larger than your dog.

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