Valentine's Day is about love...


Valentine’s Day is one month away and it is a time to let those we love know it!

Don’t forget the one who loves you unconditionally, the one that doesn’t care what you look like, or how much money you make, or even that you have been a bit grumpy lately. Your dog is beside you all the time and loves you no matter what, and he shouldn’t be left out on Valentine’s Day.

We all know that times are hard these days, but giving a pet Valentines Day gift isn’t hard and won’t break your bank but will show him that you love him and that you appreciate him for being a constant companion.

A Valentine’s Day Dog Tank would be a great little outfit for your dog on the special day or even a Puppy Love Sweater.

Maybe you have a prissy little one, and for our doggie diva’s a Shades Of Pink Princess Bling Dog Tutu and Matching Hair Bow or a Sterling Silver Puff Heart Collar Charm.

Maybe you need something a little more “manly”, the Black Studded Tank Top should do the trick.

If you dog isn’t cool wearing clothes, try out some dog treats, dog toys or maybe a precious new collar!

We know that all our pets could use a new bowl and this Valentine’s Day, there are great new dog bowls to fit your pet’s personality.

Whatever you choose, whether it’s a gift, or extra time with your pet, or just a small treat, let him know how much you love him on this Valentine’s Day!

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