These Pens, Interactive Toys Keep Dogs Safe, Happy

The Stay and Play pen (crate sold separately) gives your dog room to roam.
Back to school and back to work mean one thing for many dogs: back to boredom and loneliness.
While there are several great ways to help your dog beat the “no one is home to play or cuddle with” blues, like boarding your pet in a day care center, these options are not practical for many people.
The Posh Puppy Boutique can help.
First, consider the Stay & Play Soft-Sided Canvas Pen ($170). Measuring roughly 60 inches by 36 inches, it has some room for a small dog to roam. Multiple pens can be connected, expanding the space. It works equally well inside and out. A larger size is also available.
We also sell this Exercise Pen with Door ($92), which comes in several square panel sizes. The smallest panels measure 24 inches by 24 inches while the largest are 48 inches by 48 inches. Three intermediate sizes are also available. All come with a double latch step-through gate, making them function like a crate big enough to let your pup move around in until their human gets home.
Also consider our wood-framed and wire Expandable Pet Pen ($500). The largest size expands from 35.25 inches to 60.75 inches.
We sell several toys that can keep your dog entertained for hours on end.
This ball not only glows in the dark, it whistles.
Consider the Orbee-Tuff Whistle Ball ($16). This glow-in-the-dark ball makes a whirring whistling noise when tossed. The harder you toss it, the louder it whistles. It is buoyant, minty and recyclable. It’s 2.5-inch diameter means it fits in standard ball tossers. It’s also great if your dog has a place to toss it in the air by themselves.
Chewers may prefer our 2.25-inch hyper-durable ball. It bounces, floats and has a peppermint scent many dogs love. It’s also Made in the USA.
We also sell several interactive dog toys that will help your pooch stave off the blues. Our Halloween Hide-A-Pumpkin Toy ($25) is a soft puzzle. It requires your dog to figure out how to get each of three pieces out of the puzzle.
Another great way to reward your dog for being alone is with a treat toy. Our Dogsavers 3-inch Treat Ball ($10) is lightweight, flexible and can be stuffed with your pawed pal’s favorite snacks.
Drive your dog bonkers with a rewarding and challenging toy: The Tennis Slider Puzzle Game ($35). It has four hidden compartments for treats plus space for two included tennis balls to play with.
The moon Rover Rescue toy can be filled with treats and has a squeaker.
The Moon Rover Rescue Dog Toy ($35) has a squeaky removable plug that your dog can pull out. Made from translucent TPE rubber, this 6-inch diameter toy has a hollow interior you can stuff with treats or more toys.
Keep your dog safe and entertained with a pen and interactive toy from your pet’s pals at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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