There is nothing better for a dog than to be taken on a long stroll. Dogs just love to walk and explore all types of areas with their owners, from around the block to especially, wooded terrain. Thankfully, there are plenty of walking accessories available beyond your standard nylon leash and a plastic bag to collect your pet’s turd.  

Some of the best designer pet accessories with latest trend you will find the range from the latest GPS collars to low tech pieces, all of which ooze style. These include the following:

Wacky Walker: 

Wacky Walker

Some dogs can be the challenge to walk, with the bigger breeds pulling and lunging forward out of excitement when taken for a walk. The benefit of opting for a wacky walker is it helps to minimise strain on the shoulder and arm. It comes with a patented anti-pull mechanism that gently discourages the pet from pulling and straining the leash.

Walkies Belt: 

 Walkies Belt

While there are plenty of leashes and belts available for your pet, none match the style and utility of the walkies belt. It comes with a pouch that contains antibacterial wipes, a clip for the leash and a patch to hold a tennis ball. If it is purchased with the complete kit, there is a complimentary fordable water bowl. While it may seem like a fanny pack it certainly is much more than that. Fanny's backs are back in style anyway, and there is nothing better than the walkies belt as an accessory.

Magnet Clip: 

Magnet Clip

There is a great variety of leashes available to choose from in the market and online. The Magnet clip leash is one of the unique kinds with its clip. Whereas standard leashes generally utilize a spring clip, which can be the challenge to strap on, when the pet is unwilling to be attached to the leash. The magnet clip has a magnetic clip that makes it far more convenient and gentle on the fingernails and hands.

Turtle Bag: 

Turtle Bag

Nobody really enjoys carrying a cumbersome electronic poo vacuum exactly. If that is the same for you what do you do with the poo waste bag once it is collected? The answer is the new Turtle bag that serves as the perfect alternative to carry a bag of poo when a waste bin is not at hand.

Waste Pickup Tool: 

For those who do not feel too comfortable with a having just a bio-degradable bag to gather the poor, there is a smart tool available to help. You could get yourself the claw. While it may be a bit cumbersome to carry and you need to maneuver it a bit more, nevertheless it is one of the more convenient and hygienic ways of handling your pet’s turd.


Faux leather bag dispenser: There are a plethora of dispensers available in the markets to choose from. Nothing compares to the feel of soft and supple faux leather. Unlike the conventional bone designed or plastic dispensers, faux leather dispensers look and feel good and are durable as well. They are reasonable in price if cost is any concern. For those willing to splurge that extra bit on their darling pet, there are genuine leather dispensers available as well. So make your choice!

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