Sure We Sell Certified Organic Clothes, Treats and Toys

That little green and white symbol in the upper right corner tells consumers this product meets very strict standards for purity.
The label on your dog’s clothing or your pet’s treats says it is made “made with organic ingredients,” but is it?
Here at the Posh Puppy Boutique we carry a mixture of items. Some are organic; many are not.
One way to tell if a product meets the most stringent organic standards is by the presence of this symbol, one that says USDA Certified OrganicClick here for a description of the strict standards enforce by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Organic livestock products, such as pet treats means producers, “met animal health and welfare standards, did not use antibiotics or growth hormones, used 100% organic feed, and provided animals with access to the outdoors.”
One example is our Whole Life Certified Organic Chicken Treats ($15). Made from human grade organic chicken breast meat sourced in the USA, these tasty snacks are also grain free.
These toys are also USDA Certified Organic.
Some toys, not just treats, also meet this standard. The Loofah Fish Toy ($15) is made with 100 percent vegetable ingredients and given a meat flavor your dogs will enjoy. The toy will help clean your pet’s teeth. Click here to see all of Loofah’s USDA Certified Organic toys.

Organic crops earning this seal are verified to be grown without using radiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or genetically modified organisms.
These Louis Dog clothes are made with organic materials.
Louis Dog’s Organic Denim Dress In Cloud Blue ($77) meets other organic standards including the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Exchange standard, which was recently replaced by the Organic Content Standard.
GOTS labeled “organic” products must use at least 95 percent certified organic fibers. Products using the lower grade “made with organic” label must contain at least 70 percent certified organic fibers.
Many Louis Dog products meet the GOTS requirements. They include clothing, carriers and cushions. Click here to see them all.
Here at the Posh Puppy, more than 300 of our products are either certified organic or made using organic ingredients. Just type in the word “organic” in our search box for a list of items identified as organic or containing some organic materials.
Another example, which is perfect for your dog’s next Halloween party, is our Spider Cake Bites ($20). This boxed set of four treats is made with organic oat flour, organic brown rice flours, organic molasses and other ingredients.
At the Posh Puppy Boutique our products aren’t cheaply made … but our prices are fantastic.

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Organic ingredients are used in these treats.

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