Snuggle Sacks Keep Your Little Valentines Close To Your Heart

Snuggle Sacks keep small dogs close to your heart.
Keep your precious four-legged little bundle of joy close to your heart by carrying them in a Snuggle Sack from the Posh Puppy Boutique and Ruff Ruff Couture.
Each model is designed to let you carry small dogs across your chest, keeping your hands free for other tasks … like shopping. Made with durable Ultrasuede and lined with fleece, most models are designed to hold puppies and dogs weighing up to 5 pounds.
Most versions are reversible, machine washable and Made in the USA as well. Smalls and mediums measure about 14 inches by 6 inches by inches. Larges run roughly 15 inches by 6.5 inches by 9 inches. These measurements are approximate with some variation by model.
The Small Adjustable model in Gum Drop Pink ($150) features pink polka dots, big heart patches, wide carrying straps, a pair of side pockets and an interior safety strap that clips to your pet’s collar.
The Coco Bow version ($150) is made with black double quilted microsuede and comes with a removable crystal bow brooch. A large version ($185) holds pets up to 9 pounds and has two removable crystal bow brooches.
The Royal Sweet Treat Snuggle Sack is reversible.
Another Snuggle Sack perfect for your little sweetie is the Royal Sweet Treat Snuggle Sack ($135). This version has a soft velour heart and a cupcake.
If you’re a chocoholic, consider Snuggle Sack in Lots of Chocolate ($145). While a full-grown chocolate lab wouldn’t fit, a very young puppy might. This one is in solid brown with a crystal button accent.
The Gia Snuggle Sack Carrier ($135) is made with leopard velvet and lined with blankee soft black velour dots. It has a custom rose embroidered on the front and can hold dogs up to 6 pounds. The large version ($145) can hold one or two dogs with a combined weight of 8-9 pounds.
We also sell many other Snuggle Sacks and other sling or bag-style carriers designed to keep your precious sweetie close and comfortable.
These and thousands of other pet outfits, grooming products, toys, beds and accessories for your pampered posh pup—or couture cat—can be found in one spot: the Posh Puppy Boutique. Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions. Be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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