Selecting A Designer Dog Bowl For Your Pet

Selecting A Designer Dog Bowl For Your Pet


Most folks think that a feeding utensil for a pup isn’t anything special. They believe every product available in the market is the same. The reality is, of course, something else. All products aren’t the same. Different vessels have unique features, and some of them are better than their counterparts. Indeed, you’ll find different bowl variants in both offline and online stores. Now, when you have too many choices at your disposal, things may become a bit challenging while selecting the right one. When it comes to purchasing a vessel for feeding your pets, you need to consider several points, including style, cost, purpose, safety, ease of cleaning, and durability.





1.    Plastic: Due to the versatility of this material, plastic is often the first choice of many companies. You’ll find designer dog bowls at an online store. However, it’s also worth mentioning that the material isn’t suitable for most dogs. Of course, they’re available in multiple, colors, shapes, and sizes, and also tend to be inexpensive. They don’t break easily, either, and you can wash them in your dishwasher. Despite all these perks, plastic isn’t safe for dogs because they may end up chewing it and eventually suffer from allergies.


2.    Ceramic: Among designer dog bowls, ceramic is probably the best material as it lets you showcase your style. The products sold by most brands feature unique and fun-filled designs. Some companies even manufacture their merchandise without industrial machinery. Handmade utensils will obviously be artistic. The glaze of these feeding vessels ensures you can clean them with relative ease. Then again, the material is extremely fragile. If you drop it accidentally, it’ll shatter into a thousand pieces. No matter how carefully you handle them, they will eventually crack or chip away.




3.    Elevated: These are new-age feeding utensils built ergonomically. Removal utensils remain fitted to a stand. Manufacturers use metal, plastic, or wood for the stand, and the vessels are usually made of metal or ceramic. Animal experts believe that eating from an elevated surface is beneficial for dogs because it can prevent gastrointestinal problems. Additionally, they’re perfect for the largest breeds. Besides, some pooches have the habit of pawing at their feeding utensils. An elevated surface will prevent them from indulging in this habit.


4.  Stainless steel: Products made of stainless steel are, undoubtedly, the best and safest. They’re profoundly durable, easy to clean, and they look good too. Some products feature non-skid rims at the base to prevent spilling. The only problem is that you won’t have many choices in terms of colors or designs. Nonetheless, they’re inexpensive and practical. Just refrain from leaving them outdoors because they can develop rust or stains. Furthermore, make sure your pet doesn’t chew the utensil because he/she will hurt himself/herself in the process.




Other types


Well, the ones described above are the most widely used dog bowl variants, but they aren’t the only ones. For instance, a few companies can offer you utensils made of silicone. There are also a few products manufactured specifically for eating or drinking while traveling.


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