Ruta Makes Unique Luxury Pet Furniture, Beds

Store your pet's clothes in this luxurious antique-style armoire from Yvette Ruta.
Earlier this week we looked at a few of designer Yvette Ruta’s couture pet clothing creations, which are now available at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Did you know that Ruta also creates exquisite pet furniture, including a long list of beds? And just like her clothing, all of Ruta’s furniture is proudly made by craftsmen here in the USA.
Before looking at Ruta’s beds, though, take a moment and peruse some of her unique furniture creations.
This Wooden Antique Style Black and Gold Armoire ($2,420) is handcrafted and carefully distressed with a hand-applied, seven-step process. The result is the appearance of a weathered antique. The armoire has a removable clothing rod for your pet princess and prince’s outfits. The interior features a solid gold metallic faux finish while European-style hinges and antique hardware are used for knobs and handles.
Matching this style, and perfect for any rustic home, is Ruta’s Luxury Antiqued Black/Gold Leash Holder ($100). Measuring 17.5 by 6.5 inches in the shape of a dog bone, it has a black and gold finish using the same antiquing process described above. A pair of antique knobs let you hand leashes from it while two drilled keyhole wall mounts allow you to mount it. A similar Luxury Rustic Leash Holder ($100) features artificial antlers able to hold six leashes.
The Newport chair from Yvette Ruta is a dog-sized compliment to your outdoor furniture.
Ruta has also created outdoor pet chairs in four styles: Hampton ($205), Cape Cod ($280), Bridgeport ($340) and Newport ($415). All come in a wide range of colors such as natural cedar. Sizes vary with the style but all look identical to similar models for humans … except they are designed for dogs. Umbrella holders and leash holders are also available at an extra cost.
While these chairs, and her Adirondack Outdoor Pet Toy Box ($205), are unique designs, so too are Ruta’s luxury beds.
Match the antique-style armoire and leash holder with a Luxury Antique Style Bed ($1,600). Featuring a cherub angel and using the same antiquing process, it has side bumpers made with ultra soft faux mink fur with gold damask sateen backing, a gold sateen back bumper with dangling trim detail and black chenille bedding in a gold leopard print. It holds pets up to 25 pounds.
Luxury leopard fur fur bed, means comfort for your dog.
Ruta’s Shabby Chic 19- by 22-inch Luxury Leopard Faux Fur Bed in Blue ($1,430) uses a cream-colored, antique finished, solid wood design featuring carved appliques and 7-inch decorative handles. It uses “Minky Blue Leopard Fur” (fake fur) for ultra-comfortable bedding. A washable pillow and dry clean-only duvet are part of the package.
Yvette Rua's Dreams of Champagne Bed is a classic.
Another sparkling example of Ruta’s creativity is her Luxury Dreams of Champagne Bed ($1,650). This solid wood creation uses a painted black caviar design with Ralph Lauren Candlestick Silver legs and trim. It has an iron cross with Swarovski crystal detailing, silver handles with black centers and champagne color silk bedding. “Luxury,” this is your pet’s bed.
Learn more about Yvette Ruta’s couture pet furniture and clothing creations by clicking here. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter and now Pinterest or call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions.

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