Rescue Wear Shows You Care


Rescue Remedy is all-natural.

Did you rescue your dog, cat or both from a shelter … or did they rescue you? Let the world know you care by equipping your favorite four-legged friend with rescue themed accessories from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Start by calming your new pet—or your current one in a stressful situation—with all-natural Rescue Remedy ($19). Using the supplied dropper, apply four drops to the mouth, nose, ear or paw, or added to food and water. Using a mixture of five flower remedies, Rescue Remedy is alcohol free and perfect for high-stress events such as visits to the vet, shock, trauma or mistreatment, separation anxiety and adapting to new surroundings. This treatment works on many pets, including fish, reptiles and horses.
Once your pet is calm, attach a Rescue Enamel Heart Charm ($12) to their collar or leash. This heart-shaped charm is roughly the size of an American dime.
These tags are oxidized.
Your pet can also tell the world, “I Was Rescued” with a special oxidized ID tag ($30 for petite breeds). It lets you place your furkid’s name and symbol on the front and your phone number on the back. Each tag, which can take up to three weeks to deliver, is also covered with a high performance clear coat to prevent tarnishing.
Regardless if your dog or cat “did time in the pet pokey,” or you spent time in your significant other’s doghouse, tell the world with our Did Time Hemp Collar ($19) and Did Time Hemp Leash ($25). Made with hypoallergenic hemp webbing, the collar and leash are trimmed with distinctive rescue-themed ribbon.
Designed to become softer with each washing, the collars come in small, medium and large sizes. Medium and large Martingale collars are also available.
Leashes are available in 4-foot (5/8ths-inch wide) and 6-foot (1-inch wide) in black with white lettering and themed to match the collars above.
A similar hemp collar is available with the words “Pure Rescue” ($19) with apple green webbing and brick red lettering.
Other hemp collar choices include “Rescues Rule” ($19) in blue or pink, “Rescues Rock” ($19) in red and “Pound Puppy” ($19) in pink or blue.
If you have the desire to enlarge your pet family or help pets, consider visiting the Humane Society of the United StatesPet Finder or even better, your local animal shelter. There are also rescue groups for specific breeds of dogs—like Chihuahuas—and cats—like Siamese. The Posh Puppy Boutique supports several pet-related charities and recently hosted the Placer SPCA Pet Mobile.
Thousands of fun, fashionable and functional pet products are available in one place: the Posh Puppy Boutique. Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions.

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