Puppies, Promote Your Political Persuasion

Patriotic puppies, promote your political persuasion!

No matter your patriotic party persuasion, the Posh Puppy Boutique will let you express yourself through your pets.
Order before midnight Pacific time on Friday, Aug. 11 and save a whopping 40 percent off your entire order during our annual Friends and Family Sale. Simply enter coupon code FF2012 at checkout.
We sell several dog shirts promoting both presidential candidates.
Start by telling the nation whose name you will be checking off in November by having your pets wear shirts supporting your candidate of choice: incumbent President Obama or challenger Romney ($28 each). Both shirts are available in sizes from extra small to triple extra large and in nine colors including aqua, black, red, white and others.
Are you a party line voter? Select Vote Democrat in 2012 ($28) or Vote Republican in 2012 ($28). Another timeless option is to select your party’s undated logo Democrat ($28) or Republican ($28). All of these shirts are available in sizes from extra small to triple extra large and in nine colors including aqua, black, red, white and others.

We also carry a soft mesh harness for Republicans ($30) and Democrats ($30). These harnesses come in sizes from small to extra large and in black, red or blue.
Another way to show your support is via a new collar for your dog or cat. Collars come in small (1/2-inch wide), medium (3/4-inch wide) and large (1-inch wide).
We also sell doggie bandanas.
Options are Republican ($20) or Democrat ($20). A matching ½-inch wide leash is $25.
We also sell several bandanas including our apolitical bone American Flag ($10) for the fiercely independent. All bandanas come in small or large sizes and in 11 colors, letting you match your pet’s bandana to your own outfit.
In addition to the bone bandana, we have ones supporting Obama in 2012 ($10) and Romney in 2012 ($10).
Augment any of these shirts, bandanas, harnesses, collars or leashes with an American Flag Dog Bowtie ($15), which attaches to your pet’s collar.
Girl dogs will love to add an America Dog Hair Bow ($12) to their ensemble. Each bow includes Swarovski crystal elements and crossgrain ribbon.
Another very girlish choice is to downplay the political statement and play up your pooch’s vibrant personality with an American Beauty Tank dress($30). In sizes from double extra small to large, these American made tanks are made with soft cotton and touch of lycra.
For a vintage retro look, consider a Lil Capt. America Vintage Dog Tee ($48) in several sizes. Each shirt is made from selected vintage, recycled and discounted clothing ensuring soft fabric and casual comfort.
These and many other patriotic and election-themed pet items can be found in your best source for fashionable pet products, the Posh Puppy Boutique.
These and thousands of other fun, fashionable and functional pet products are available in one place: the Posh Puppy Boutique. Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions.

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