Pet many types to choose from!

We all love our pets so much, but to what extend does that love go? Would we ask those sweet little doggies to sleep on a cold floor? Heck no! Not my sweet pups!

Just like humans, pet beds come in a variety of sizes, colors, brands, price range and comfort. Some pet beds look just like our human furniture and some pet beds are made with the older dog in mind. Some pet owners want their pet’s beds to match the décor of their home, no problem at all.

When purchasing a dog bed there are many things to consider:

Where does your pet sleep? Some pets sleep in the living room, some pets sleep in the owner’s bedroom.

What is the size of your pet? If you have a jumbo dog, chances are.. He will stretch out and won’t even be on the bed anymore. If you have a small little pet, buy one that fits his size so he will be comfy and not feel lost on the bed.

Do you prefer to have one to wash a lot? If so, watch for removable dog bed covers that you can wash in your washing machine.

What is your price range? There are dog beds that range in so many prices; you can choose a cheaper end pet bed (especially the way the economy is) or more of an upscale dog bed if you have a doggie Diva.

There are so many options available these days for a pet bed: heated beds, pillow beds, pet dens, furniture style beds, novelty fun beds or outdoor pet beds and the list goes on. The choices are unbelievable!! There are cat beds too!

Humans sleep on comfy mattress’s so why not put your best buddy on a bed just as wonderful as yours!

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