Organic Cotton Feels Cool, Looks Cooler

One fabric helps humans and their four-legged friends stay fashionable and very cool: organic cotton.

Where can you find the widest selection of organic cotton pet clothing from designers such as Louis Dog? Why the Posh Puppy Boutique, of course.

Take a gander these Mint Bear Organic Overalls ($78) from designer Louis Dog. Made with 100 percent certified organic cotton, these overalls are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. The removable stoned lace presents two different styles, giving you room to adjust the outfit. Sizes range from XS – XL.

Louis Dog also makes this stylish Organic Flowers Dress in pink ($68), also made with 100 percent certified organic cotton. It features sparkling flower decorations for a fantastic, feminine look. The elastic neck adds comfort. Sizes range from XS – XL.

Go even more lady-like with this Organic Lace Top in Navy or Baby Pink ($80). The Navy version has two layers of lace and a Swarovski Smiley face on the back. Sizes range from XS – L.

Bear shirt.
Boy dogs will look and stay cool in this gray with black Bear Shirt ($81), also from Louis Dog. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, it features knit flowers and a BlaBla bear applique. Sizes range from XS - XL.

The Mint Bear Organic Overalls.
Add color and style to your dog’s walks by dressing them in this Cherry Dog Tank ($70) made with 100 percent organic cotton, also from Louis Dog. The cheery cherry graphics are also eco-friendly while the sleeveless design makes it a snap to take on and off. Sizes range from XS – XL.

When your pup has some energy left after a gentle walk, let them burn it off by playing with a Certified Organic, crocheted toy from Pet Flys. The Scoop Ice Cream Cone ($14) measures 3 inches long, making it perfect for smaller guys and girls. The crocheted cotton is durable and helps clean your dog’s teeth.

The Organic Cotton Gray Mouse ($10) measures about 4.75 inches long. The fabric is colored with natural dyes.

 The Organic Pig Barnyard Toy ($15) is made from pesticide free cotton and stuffed with cotton and a squeaker. It is about 7 inches long.

Find these and thousands of other pet clothes, toys, bedding and accessories for your puppy princess or prince at the Posh Puppy Boutique.

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