Lifejackets Protect Your Pets In The Water

The Brite Pet Life Jackets will help your dog stay safe around the water.
“Help! Dog overboard!” Let’s hope you never hear that being yelled. One way to protect your precious pup during the dog days of summer, whether at home by a pool or out at the beach, is with a lifejacket from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Many people think dogs can swim, which they can. But they may not know where pool steps are, nor be strong enough—or calm enough—to swim to them. Lifejackets designed for dogs ensure your pet stays safe.
The PoolPup Steps give dogs an easy exit from the water, even in the deep end.
While not a lifejacket, our PoolPup Steps ($200) are designed for in-ground and above-ground pools. They will not damage vinyl liners. These steps are 12 inches wide with 5-inch high steps. It takes less than five minutes to train your dog how to use them. These steps are perfect if your dog is unattended near a pool or you just want to make sure your dogs can enjoy the water and get out easily. These steps are designed for dogs up to 50 pounds.
Our Brite Pet Life Preserver ($27) come in several colors such as raspberry and bluebird. They have two layers of flotation material for added buoyancy and several Velcro ® straps to secure your pet. Sizes range from teacup to double extra large.
The Pink Polka Dot Life Jacket ($35) is highly visible and adds two layers of safety. First is a last-second grab handle securely sewn into the back. If your dog starts to head into the drink, you may be able to grab them before they get wet. The second key feature is a soft mesh underbelly designed to let water flow out and help keep your pet comfortable. Adjustable nylon straps and quick release buckles are also part of the design. Sizes range from double extra small to large.
The ANGIONE Paws life vests are made with reflective material.
The Angione Pawz Neon Reflecting Life Vests ($60) from designer Puppy Angel come in several bright colors and patterns. They are tough and practical being equipped with a sturdy nylon safety grip on the back. Made with waterproof camo fabric, they are fun, functional and stylish. Sizes are small, medium and large. Color choices include blueredpurple and pink.
The Neoprene Pet Life Preserver ($25) is made with water-resistant neoprene, which is very durable. It is made with two layers of flotation material and includes quick-grab handles and high-visibility colors. Sizes range from double extra small to extra large.
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