Let Your Pet Sleep In The Nap Of Luxury

This Luxury Antique Style Bed has a cherub watching over your little angel.

Comfort, fashion, style and elegance come together in of all things, some new luxury pet beds. Find these fascinating, fashionable and functional examples of pet luxury at one place: the Posh Puppy Boutique. These beds are just some of our newest products.
Our Luxury Antique Style Gold/Black Bed ($1,600) is perfect for your little angel. It has a cherub in antique gold looking out over your precious pet while they visit dreamland. A 7-step process is used to achieve a weather antique look for the frame. The bedding is black chenille with a gold leopard print for the bottom duvet. The side bumpers are made with ultra-soft faux mink fur with gold damask sateen backing. These beds are designed for pets up to 25 pounds.

The Lavender Dreams Bed uses real amethysts in its design.
The Luxury Lavender Dreams Bed ($2,970) features lavender cherubs watching over your little angel. It features semi-precious amethysts with hundreds of clear, ab, peridot and tanzanite Swarovski crystals covering much of the frame. It is completely sealed and has felt leg bottoms to protect your floors. The bedding is ultra-soft and cuddly with a minky surface and flourish embossing.
The Luxury Dreams of Hollywood beds come in pink and blue.
The Luxury Dreams of Hollywood Bed ($2,530) comes in pink and Tiffany Blue. These beds are made with solid wood with carved silver appliques featuring Swarovski crystals. The Tiffany Blue uses a Tiffany-color palette. The backs of both beds have hand-sewn crystals, pearls and beads.
These four custom-made luxury beds—and several other similar versions—take several weeks to make.
While these beds are among the most luxurious and comfortable products made for your pet’s sleeping, they are not the only new arrivals.
Many dogs are either playing or eating when they aren’t sleeping. Keep them entertained with one of our four newest food-themed plush squeak toys ($10 each). Fruit PoopsPoop TartsDiet Poopsie and Brown Poopon are all about 5-6 inches tall and around 2 inches thick. Each one will provide hours of chewing entertainment for your pet and loads of laughs for you.
Feed your dog in a new food dish, such as our Monte Carlo Dog Bowls ($50) and Canister ($75). These porcelain bowls feature a playing card design. They come in small, medium and large sizes. Also take a look at the Newport Collection ($50 for the small dish, $75 for the canister), which has a blue tile design.
Take care of two dogs, or use one dish for water, with the Sydney Double Feeder ($75). This design, which honors the honeycomb designs found in Sydney, Australia, has a matte nickel finish over steel. Size options are small and large. The Simon Double Feeder ($75) is similar though it features a pierced bone design.
Check out these and many more new items on our New Arrivals pages. You will be amazed at the selection of quality products you find here at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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