Keep Your Dog Clean Without Having To Give Them A Bath


More dogs mean more dirt. Whether you keep a pug or a Labrador, you need to be responsible enough to maintain the dog. Many dogs might not like having a bath, but still, they need to be clean. 

This is important as dogs might leave an odor or their furry skin might become a playground for ticks and lice. So yes, dogs need not fear to go for the haunting and dreaded activity called bath time with such tips that can help them be clean otherwise too.


Obviously, this does not mean that you are free from giving your pets a bath at all. But here are some strategies withsome luxury dog accessories can help your dog sport a clean when bathing isn’t required.

Keep the Surroundings Clean

Living in a clean environment, your dog will start valuing cleanliness. You also need to ensure that his stuff is clean always. This includes everything from his mattress to his chew toys to his food plate. This would prevent accumulation of dirt. Simple cleaners, which do not cause allegories to your dog, are great products for keeping your dogs’ toys and clothes clean.



Grooming your pet’s hair is required to keep the fur healthy and free from fleas. Various brushes for grooming the hair and tools for de-shedding are available. Shedding of hair can be troublesome even for you as the dog would leave trails of hair all over your house. Often such tools have small high quality stainless steel blades to maintain the length of the dog’s hair and keep their coat shiny and healthy.

Dental hygiene

Your pooch needs to take care of his teeth too. To maintain their oral health, you can always use toothbrushes that are different for different breeds of dogs. Such oral care kits also include oral care water additives, and sometimes even chews can prove to be useful in keeping the dog’s teeth clean. 

There are certain dental chews for dogs which help to freshen up the dog’s mouth from inside out. Bad breath is also an issue among many pets. For this, you can use products like the Instant Fresh Breath Foam. This not only gives your dog a fresh, fragrant mouth but also loosens plaque. The foams got a good taste, so it’s totally pet-friendly.



Pet wipes are a quintessential part of the pet grooming kit. Dogs are messy creatures, so these wipes come handy when you need to clean them without a proper bath. A company called John Paul makes great wipes catering to different needs of dogs. 

There are ear and eye wipes and tooth and gum wipes. Then there are biodegradable pet wipes are useful for removing dirt from the dog’s coat and paws after they come from a walk or playing outside.

Hence, you can use such products and techniques to keep your little family member healthy and fresh, and he wouldn’t have to crib much for bathing. You can find all the products you require at Posh Puppies Boutique’s website or at the store!

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