Keep Pets Cool, Safe by the Pool

The portable Splash About Pool is designed for dogs.
As anyone who has gone outside recently can attest, the “dog days of summer” are here with a bark and a growl, not a whimper.

The Posh Puppy Boutique has several products to help your dog safely splash away the scorching summer, starting with a wading pool designed for dogs.

The Splash About Heavy Duty Dog Pool (starting at $100) comes in small, medium and large sizes. Made with extra-tough PVC plastic, the largest model is 63 inches in diameter by 11.8 inches tall. The pool is designed to be folded, making it easy to take on summer trips.

Pool Pup Steps give your dog an easy way out of in-ground and above-ground pools.
Wading pools are great for dogs because they can get in and out easily. Human-sized swimming pools, though, can be dangerous if your dog can’t find the steps. PoolPup Steps ($200) provide a safe solution for in-ground and above-ground pools. Designed for use with both types, they will not harm vinyl liners. Simply install the steps wherever you want—say at the deep end—then spend a few minutes teaching your dog to use them. Designed for dogs weighing up to 50 pounds, they provide peace of mind knowing your pet has an exit from the pool.

These Life Vests provide peace of mind when pets are on or by the water.
Another great safety option for dogs around any body of water—from backyard pool to a river, lake or trip to the ocean—is a doggie life vest. Made with canines in mind, the Angione 3M Reflecting Life Vest ($60) comes in navy, purple and red. Made with a tough polyester lining, they fasten with Velcro and strong plastic buckles. All include a sturdy nylon grip on the back to let you lift your dog out of danger. Sizes are small, medium and large. Their reflective outer surface adds to their visibility at night.

We also sell three floats designed for dogs: The colorful and functional Aqua Pup Pool Float in small ($85) and large ($125) and a small Inflatable Raft ($40). The bone-shaped Aqua Pup floats have tear-resistant vinyl over a polyfoam filling providing safety and comfort in the water and out. The inflatable raft—designed for dogs weighing less than 30 pounds—is about 6 feet around and shaped vaguely like a starfish.

Find these and many other fashionable pet-related products at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest or call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions.

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