July 4 Is THE Worst Day For Pets

PLEASE keep your pets safe and secure on July 4.
The rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air may look spectacular to humans. To a dog, though, they are frightening.
Many animal welfare groups including the Humane Society of the United States state that July 4 is the worst day of the year to be a pet. Why? Because the loud noises of fireworks—and in some areas, guns—scares the willies out of them. The result is these scared pets run away from the noise then get lost and cannot find their way home.
Here at the Posh Puppy Boutique we are first and foremost pet lovers. We enjoy our dogs, cats and other critters. We want each of you to also enjoy every second with your four-legged friends, not be worried stiff that your little pals are scared out of their minds.
Consider these tips to help keep your pets safe during Independence Day activities:
·         Be certain your pets—dogs and cats—have collars with nametags identifying their name and providing accurate and current contact information.
·         Restrict your pets’ movements during family gatherings. For example, keep them confined to one room with a locked door. Be sure they have plenty of water, food, toys and a comfortable place to sleep. Locking the door keeps curious little people from accidentally letting your “little person” escape.
·         Ideally provide your pets with soothing noises that are loud enough to drown out fireworks and sharp sounds while still being soft enough not to cause stress themselves. Drawing the curtains to block out the sight of fireworks also helps.
·         Use a well-fitted harness, not a collar, when walking them on this particular day. Harnesses are much tougher for dogs and cats to get out of. This gives you more time to pick them up and soothe them if they are scared.
·         Watch what others try to feed your pets. Tell your younger guests that your pets can’t have a hot dog, that candy—especially chocolate, which is poisonous—is bad for them. Instead, let each visiting child give your pet one pet-friendly treat.
·         Leave your pets at home when it comes time for the family to go to the fireworks show. Your dogs and cats are far better off in the safety and security of their home than they are being bombarded by loud noises and bright lights.
For future reference, consider equipping each of your pets with their own Thundershirt. Available in several colors and styles and priced starting at $50, these shirts use gentle pressure to calm pets. This constant, soft pressure acts to calm pets under stress from a variety of sources such as thunder and lightning, fireworks and other loud noises. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. A version for cats is also available.
Have fun this holiday. Be safe, America!

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