How To Train Your Pooch To Wear Cute Dog Clothes


Many locations around the world get pretty cold during the winter months. Some of those places feature low temperatures even during the spring and autumn months. If you live in a hilly region or any mountainous location, then you have to put up with cool evenings and nights even during summer. However, there is one thing that can make your dog’s life much more comfortable is a coat, jacket, or a sweater. These garments will prove excellent when you go out with your pooch for a walk. Waterproof coats or snowsuits can also provide additional warmth if your region is currently experiencing snowfall.

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1. Perfect fit: Before anything else, you should start by choosing cute dog clothes of the appropriate size at Posh Puppy Boutique. You have to start by measuring the circumference of the doggie’s chest and neck as well as the length. The proper way to measure your pooch is to start at the neck to the base of the tail. Unless you choose a coat of the right size, your pup won’t wear it at all.

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2. Take your time: Nobody should expect to see their pet dancing around in enjoyment after wearing cute dog clothes. Dogs need time to get accustomed to the garments. You should start by showing the clothes to your dog so that he/she associates it with positive reinforcement. You have to do it multiple times over a few days. Only then your pooch can get used to the item.

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3. Feeling the material: Your pet will have to feel the fabric used in manufacturing the coat. Without familiarization, your pooch will never be able to associate anything with the garment. First, you should rub the coat on his/her body. After that, you can try to put it on him/her. Don’t forget to praise your dog with treats while doing it. You have to repeat the process several times over the next few days.

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4. Keep treats around: Now you should be ready to put the coat on your doggie. The best way to reassure him/her is to give him/her a few goodies when he/she puts on the garment. Then, you should take off the coat after a few seconds. Keep repeating the process several times to see if your pet remains calm throughout the process. If he/she thrashes around or rolls over, then you should check to see if the garment feels tight. If not, then you must wait for him/her to behave.

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5. Repetition: Indeed, repetition is the process by which you can teach something to a dog. You already know what you have to do. You should repeat all the processes multiple times every day. Make sure that he/she wears the coat for longer periods with every passing day.

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Final considerations

When you leave the coat on your dog for a long time, you have to ensure that it fits properly. The coat shouldn’t choke your pet and it shouldn’t squeeze his body around the chest, neck, or armpits. You can use the “two-finger rule” here. If there is space between the dog’s body and the garment, then it fits him/her perfectly.

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