How to Pick the Perfect Luxury Dog Bed?


According to experts, doggies need to sleep for almost 12 to 14 hours every day. You probably slept that long during your college days. For puppies, this time limit can go even higher than 14 hours. Don’t you think that these reasons are strong enough for you to invest in a bed that suits your pooch? Buying the perfect product where your doggie will hit the sack will ensure that your house remains clean. By training Fido to use it, you can save him from dealing with ugly and painful calluses. Also, if one or more of your family members are allergic to pet fur, then a doggie cot will be a lifesaver for them. Here you’ll learn how to choose the right product.

luxury dog bed


Size of your pet: Before searching for a luxury dog bed at Posh Puppy Boutique, you should measure your furry family member. In a few rare cases, certain breeds can grow larger than expected. That’s why you should prioritize measuring your pet and checking the size chart before buying fancy dog beds. Regardless of the cute dog beds that you choose, it should accommodate your pet from the tip of his/her nose to the end of his/her buttocks.


Ease of cleaning: Whether you want high-end dog beds, unique dog beds, or princess dog beds, it has to be easy enough to clean. Since canines shed throughout the year, cleaning the cot is of the utmost importance. Cots that are suitable for small or toy breeds can fit inside a washing machine easily. You should go for machine-washable products for your small doggie. However, cots for large dogs aren’t going to fit inside any washing machine. For these creatures, you should choose a product with a removable cover.

luxury dog bed

Age: Indeed, the age of your pooch is an important point of consideration. It will dictate the type of bedding that you need to pick. When a young pup starts to grow teeth, he/she becomes aggressive, but in a fun-filled way. He/she will try to chew through anything and everything. Naturally, a cot for a small puppy has to be chew-proof. On the other hand, older animals tend to develop bone problems. If you have an old four-legged family member, then you’ll need an orthopedic bed. These beds are soft on the top but firm in the bottom. Furthermore, you need to worry about your pet if you didn’t potty-train him yet. If things get messy, a waterproof bed can save you.


Sleeping style: Another factor to keep in mind is the sleeping style of Fido. Some doggies curl up in a ball while sleeping, while others tend to stretch out. You need to consider both your pet’s sleeping style and size to choose the bedding.

luxury dog bed


The material used: The material used in the construction of the product is vital. Some animals are allergic to synthetic materials. For such a dog, you’ll need a bed made of natural fibers, such as cotton.


Design too


In the end, you should pay attention to the design. Fortunately, you’ll have more than enough designs and styles to explore at the website mentioned above. You can pick something that matches the overall décor of your house, or a colorful product that lets your pet take a nap in style.

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