How much is that Doggy in the window?


At some point in your life, or your kid’s their main Christmas/Birthday request has been a new puppy! I use the same response, "We will see".. but it gets old and they just keep asking. Why not really, a dog is one of the great pleasures of life. If you are considering giving in to your kids and getting a new puppy there are some things to think about before taking the big plunge!!!

  • Think about what your family wants and what their needs are. What is your lifestyle? Make sure that when you go to pick out a doggie that you match your family to that particular pup. If your family is laid back and mellow, choose a dog that is low maintenance and doesn’t require hours of brushing, grooming and exercising. If you have a small apt or small house or space, choose a smaller dog. There are many articles about breeds of dogs and which ones are best for your family.
  • Make sure your family is aware of changes that will occur when Fido enters the family. There are responsibilities that come with being a pet owner. Set guidelines for the kids and make a list of who feeds him on what day and make it a family chore. Make sure that the kids know that life will no longer be the same for the good and the bad when you own a pet. Who will have Poo Poo pickup? Who will walk the dog? Who will wash the dog?
  • The fun begins! Time to go and buy the items that the little pooch will need. If buying a puppy, try great housebreaking items, and you may need a crate if planning to crate train. You will need dog food, treats, bedding and a dog brush to brush him with. Buy your collar (there are some great ones out there) and your leash and please don’t forget clothes! Doggies require fashion too!

A dog is a blessed addition to families~ and kids get many hours of enjoyment and friendship from a pet. Think of adopting a pet from a homeless animal shelter or buying from a rescue group, I think in the long run your family will be so happy to have saved a dog and got a best friend at the same time!

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