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Thundershirts use acupressure to reduce stress on cats and dogs.
While “dog” is part of our name—our name is the Posh Puppy Boutique for a reason—we also cater to cats.

Check out our Cat Corner for numerous products designed for cats and small dogs. Since we carry a huge assortment of products in sizes as small as teacup, many of our clothing products will also fit your cat.

The best part is—and get out the suit of chainmail armor before you do this—many of our clothing items are based on measurements. If your cat is tiny—say kitten size—one of our smaller outfits might well fit him or her perfectly. If on the other hand your little kitty is a gentle giant—Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Siberians or Rag Dolls can top the scales at 20-plus pounds—some of our larger outfits will look fantastic.

One item that is perfect for any area experiencing thunderstorms is the heather gray Thundershirt ($48). Available in small (up to 9 pounds), medium (9-12 pounds) and large (13 pounds or more), these shirts use acupressure to calm your pets. They create a snug, comfortable fit that is effective in treating anxiety such as that caused by travel or trips to the vet.

The Scratch ‘n Shapes Racer Scratcher ($30) is uniquely designed for cats. The attractive design has room for a typical cat to nap plus plenty of recycled paper to sharpen their claws and relax. It measures 19 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Our Mocha Thermo-Kitty bed ($89) is perfect for older pets, including dogs. It has a dual thermostat 4-watt heating unit buried inside to warm the surface 10-15 degrees above the air temperature. Two sizes are available: small (16 inch) and large (20 inch).

Hide those plain plastic litter boxes with one of two colorful covers: the Beach Bus ($60) or the Surf Shack ($60). Designed to fit over most hooded litter boxes, the front flap gives your cat easy access to their “rest stop” while providing a decorator look to the box. Made with 100 percent polyester, these machine washable covers will not shrink.

The Pet Igloo Pet Bed ($300) is made with 100 percent faux rattan with a composite wood top and bottom. Its hard shape makes it perfect for cats or dogs. Three sizes are available.

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