It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to be Sweet to your dog or give your pooch a smooch. Dog's love to be loved and any type of affection you can show them, they will love!

Posh Puppy Boutique loves dogs and believe that all dogs need to be loved and taken care of; that is why we are passionate about carrying the best and most upscale pet clothing and dog accessories. Posh Puppy Boutique carries more pet products online than any other pet boutique online. We love our pets!

We are not condoning Kissing your dog on the mouth - YUKKY but we do condone getting your little smooch lover a outfit that radiates LOOOOVE again it doesn't have to be the month of February to SHOW THE LOVE!

We have several little dog outfits that your sloppy kisser could wear to make all the other dogs green with envy:
The Kiss With Love T-Shirt comes in Pink or Blue
The Kiss me Dog Tank is precious as well in Pink or Red
The Kiss Vintage T-shirt
The XOXOXOXOXO Dog Tank is the cutest shirt ever, wear everyday or wear at the holidays - just wear it! Comes in grey or pink!

Perfect for Christmas Dog Stocking Stuffers:
Kiss Me Dog Tee & Tank Top
I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Dog Tee-Shirt

How about a Pug and a Kiss Dog Tank Top - how about those Pugs? Choose between black or white and tank or tee shirt.

Over the next several weeks you will see lots of great deals at Posh Puppy Boutique - from fall specials to early Christmas/ Holiday deals. Get your Christmas stocking stuffers early since we sell out so quick.

So........ kiss a frog, and kiss a dog and show some love this holiday season!

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