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Tired of trying to keep the family pet off the furniture or having pet hair all over you when you get up from the couch? Or... little dents in the leather couch from their nails? We NOW carry the product that everyone is talking about, The Petzoff Furniture Protector!

This great new product looks like a beautiful blanket on one side and a foil like material on the other side. The Petzoff Furniture Protector is 56"x72" and made of 100% cotton . For some reason, pets do not like the “foil” feel of the on the other side.Comes in great designer color choices and is affordable and safe, what a deal!

Harrison Forbes, the Pet Talk host and an internationally recognized animal behaviorist named Petzoff Furniture Protector as the "best pet product of 2008" and this wonderful safe product for dogs was chosen among thousands of pet products for the Editor's Choice Award by Pet Business, one of the top publications for the pet industry, in its June 2008 issue.

And something that makes me feel better about this product is that the company donates a potion of their sales to no-kill shelters and to help support pet owner education. I like when my money is put to good use~

Go ahead, give it a try and let us at Doggie Couture Shop know what you think of this great new safe product for dogs and cats!

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