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Our Midnight Secret Dress is loaded with Swarovski Elements.

Did you know that selected purchases of $100 or more qualify for free shipping at the Posh Puppy Boutique?
Items such as our Make Noise Coat by Wooflink ($72), complete with attached hood, qualifies for free shipping.
So to does our Midnight Secret Angora Dress ($205), which features black angora sweater and dress combo, satin ribbons, lace and Swarovski elements detailing in sizes extra-small to large.
Are you looking for something to keep your pooch warm during these last days of winter? Consider our colorful Alpaca Sleeveless Sweater ($60) featuring the crazy llama design. Not only is this sweater warm, but silky smooth to the touch. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, lanolin free and does absorb or retain moisture. Sizes range from double extra-small to extra-large.
Another great option—perfect for your favorite four-legged boy—is our Reversible Pullover Sweater ($32) in navy with a slate collar. Available in sizes from double extra-small to large, the combinations flip when you reverse it. This sweater is comfortable, warm, durable and made in the USA.
Is your pup going to accompany you on a trip? Then pack all their supplies in our brown Carry-all Getaway Luggage ($65). Not only is this bag insulated, but it comes with a dry food storage module, no tip collapsible food and water bowls, a medication pouch and umbrella. The best part: all these components match.
For even more style, take a look at the beige My First Louis Dog Carrier ($260). This mini size is designed to let you transport your new puppy in comfort, class and elegant style.
Did your pet enjoy their latest Posh Puppy purchase? If so, please share it on our Testimonials page.
These and many other dog fashion choices are available on-line. Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions. Stay updated on all the latest pet fashion action and Posh Puppy Boutique Photo Contest by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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