Forget Disability Dog With Wheelchair

It’s good to know there is something which can provide help for the easy mobility for handicapped dogs. In olden days people who used to own dog, and the dog meets with an accident or succumbs to old age. Can do nothing except feel pity for the dog.

And now since we have entered into a modern era, we have come up with many innovative ideas of products. And one of it is a wheelchair for dogs with disability to walk. This dog wheelchair comes in 5 sizes according to weight. But a dog must have normal front leg strength to use on of these wheelchairs. Lightweight adjustable aluminum frame (non-rust). Deluxe neoprene front and rear harness for complete comfort. Designed and tested by K9 Orthopedic Surgeon. Easy to adjust height and length with hex wrench. Allows pet to use the bathroom while in the cart. Dog Wheelchairs come fully assembled and are adjustable.

Solves Mobility:

-Complete or partial rear paralysis.

-Hip Dysplasia

-Surgical Recovery



-Fractured Spine

-Lumbar or thoracic disc injury

-Any other condition that results in rear leg pain and or weakness.

-Neurological Impairment.

At end we must say Forget Disability with Dog Wheelchair!

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